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Gutter Repair – Fascias and Soffit Installation

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A damaged gutter sometimes causes faulty soffits and fascias. These three roof members are part of the roofline that plays a vital function in maintaining your roof’s stability. At Birmingham Roofers, we have a complete line of service and tradespeople that handle fascia, soffit, and gutter repair. We do repairs because we know that your roof is not invulnerable to attacks brought by harsh weather and environmental catastrophes.

Storms can hit your gutter when the rainwater is too heavy, and the gutter becomes flooded. The heavy weight of water (including clogs like dead leaves and branches, animal manure, etc.) put stress on the gutter and bend it in any means possible, leading to gutter destruction.

The importance of gutter in rerouting the rainwater will be compromised if it loses its integrity to hold off the water much more. In cases like these, we understand that the gutter beforehand should have been installed without faulty. However, while weather destruction could not be avoided, you should at least observe proper gutter maintenance so that repairs in the future are minimised.

Roofing solution, besides the gutter, includes soffit and fascia repair. While these three roof members complement each other based on their function, it is all the more necessary to keep your soffit and fascia as stable as the gutter.

When the gutters on your roof start to hang loose, that’s where the problem could begin, which will directly affect the fascia and soffit.

Fascia and soffit

The fascia is the architectural band you see just beneath the gutter. It is the visible horizontal board that supports the ends of the rafters and is also responsible for supporting the gutter. Other than just forming an architectural aesthetic to your roof, it is an integral roof member that needs maintenance and repair.

a picture of a corner of roof section

Timber decay happens faster when the soffit is built without adequate ventilation. The soffit is the board seen under the fascia–they always go together. Fascias can only be seen at street level or if you stand beneath the roof hang. Most soffit damages come from decaying woods brought by moisture, pests, and animal manure. Never leave the fascia with a hole as it is often a place of refuge for pests and birds. The decaying soffits are aggravated when the gutter is damaged, as heavy water will seep in through the holes and walls and start to creep inside the home.

For all your roofing repair needs, get a builder that can be trusted and who has a proven track record in this industry. The expertise of your roof builder is vital in the longevity of your roof and the frequency of repairs you need throughout your roof’s life.

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