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New Replacement Roof

Since we established, we have introduced numerous types of new rooftops the area. This rooftop compose is extremely famous in the district and is preferred for its unwavering quality, long life, great usefulness and simple support. Your rooftop is the basis of having a weatherproof and stable home, a new roof gives a property a new lease of life and dramatically increases the value when selling

Our concentration isn’t only the covering that can be seen yet in addition the shrouded parts that incorporate the protection, the underlay, sheathing, secures, battons and rafters. We guarantee all our works and you can have piece of mind that your construction will be delivered in good time by industry experts who will build a perfect roofing solution

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Roof Repair and Maintenance

We get hundreds of calls every month from house owners who have experienced damage or have noticed a leak in their roof. We are experts in the this area and we aim to provide a fast and hassle free solution to the bad experience of water coming into the property.

We know when there is a prolonged period of rain that our phone is going to ring off the hook with requests to replace tiles or inspect a problem with rain coming through! Call us today if you need an affordable and friendly service that will get you back to normal with ease and put your roof repair request into action.

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Flat Roofing Service

Flat roofing is a specilised skill in the roofing uindustry. We are at the forefront of flat roofing technologies and have tradespeople skilled in this trade and will provide a complete service from the start to finish of your project.

If you need a garage, a bay window or Porch redoing with a watertight flat roofing system then we have the choice of flat roof materials to suit your needs. We can offer traditional felt, single ply, liquid plastics and mastic asphalt. We believe MA is one of the most versatile and durable material for flat roofing solutions.


Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

The roofline around your home is supported by your fascias and soffits. These need to be maintained and repaired when faulty. We provide a replacement service for these areas or we can just simply repair what you already have if that is the most cost effective solution.

The guttering is another integral part of your roofing solution. Gutters provie the best route for the rain water to pass and keep your garden and pathways clear of water run off, dripping and damage. Gutters are prone to coming loose and hanging off, they also get installed incorrectly when a builder does not have the expertise.

Please call for us to provide the perfect fascias and guttering for your property.

Chimney Repair and Construction

Chimney repair is also another service that we offer. Just like the tiles, the chimney is also prone to damage. Some bricks may fall off, the mortar between the bricks may become weak, or the sealant or mortar around its base may allow water to penetrate inside the roof. Other symptoms include a crooked or misaligned chimney, poor flow of smoke, or water finding its way into the fireplace. The nature of damage determines the kind of repair. For instance, a few missing bricks only need replacing, while a crooked chimney may need a complete rebuild.

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