Roofing Contractor in Birmingham Offers Advice Against Scammers

A roofing company in Birmingham warns future customers of the ongoing scams on roofing.

Let’s read what they have to say:

“Beware of heartbreaking crimes and abuse where scammers use the elderly as their vulnerable victims of fraud.

Oftentimes, these bogus people leave substandard work and more costs on the work when you find out they inflict damage on the roof instead of repairing it. An intentional act just so homeowners will shell more thousands of pounds on roofing costs.”

Residents are warned when engaging in a contract for a roof repair or makeover according to Birmingham Roofers.

Most of these companies sometimes really exist but they are categorized as higher than fly by nights as they cater to their customers by looking for them day by day bringing their offers. 

They troop to homes to lure customers of their sparkling offers, even showing papers just to prove their sincerity.

Beware of roofing scammers and protect your finances from these criminals. Birmingham Roofers laid down a few tips to get you protected.

Signs of scams you need to be wary of:

  • No contract or suspicious document. After a long talk, given that you were convinced when the signing of the contract will take off, there’s not a piece of paper to show or a shabby one, not even professionally written. 
  • Very low offers. We know that prices drop at certain times, but it doesn’t mean they spiral downwards. Sometimes their offers are inconsistent. Suspect that the people you are talking to are fraud when they charge you high but can make a quick change of mind to charge you super low.
  • Overly persistent. It is the salesman’s nature to be pushy but not trying hard. If they insist on their merchandise after many NOs on your part, you bet it is not a genuine roofing provider. Because an honest seller will let you sit down and discuss things and make proper assessments for your property. Honest contractors will send you written quotes.
  • Doesn’t accept checks or cards. It is rare for contractors to ask for cash payments. Never deal with these kinds of merchants. Once they have your cash or have transferred money digitally, you will never see them again, ever.
  • Knocks on your door. It is easier to sell products by the knock on the door if the item is already on hand but not about services unless they bring with them their equipment and ready to roll on your roof. But a service like home improvement is a different story. Plus, websites and social media are already a thing! Even the physical yellow page is obsolete, as everybody relies on the Internet. So, always lock your doors.
  • No service truck or carrying an unofficial vehicle. Official trucks or cars speak for a legit company. Even if they have towed one, be careful of what they say. It is easy to gather fellow scammers when their intent is the same—to fool people. Make careful research of the company, ask for telephone numbers, get the physical address, and if possible talk to a live customer representative over the phone to ensure you are dealing with a genuine company.

If a customer wants to begin a roofing project, they will ask for recommendations from neighbours for a good background and proven track record.

How can you tell if you are dealing with a dubious roofer?

  • Their works are substandard
  • Worsened roof condition
  • Old materials used (like in flashing, gutter, etc)
  • Start of leak on walls

Learn to know who you are dealing with. If you are keen on getting a new roofing project for your home improvement, visit their website and look for the best offers. More often, they post their promos there and you will get to see the list of services they have.

For more helpful tips on getting the best deals on roof repair, gutter, fascia, and soffit, including attic insulation and chimney repairs, call Birmingham Roofers. They will be more than happy to help.