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Harry Maguire

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Harry Maguire

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Harry Maguire

“I am a local resident of Birmingham and I am the founder of Birmingham Roofers. I have have been a Roofer for as long as I can remember and over the years I have become a writer on the subject of all things Roofing. I hope our Blog page is a usefull resourse for anyone researching and learning about our trade and it helps existing and potential customers learn more about what we do in this industry”


Harry Maguire is the founder and director of Birmingham Roofers. A leading commercial and residential roofing contractor working from the heart of Birmingham City Centre. Having been in the industry for over 35 years Harry has become a well renowned writer and expert.

He began his working life in the construction industry when he had finished studying at college. As an apprentice he covered all aspects of the building trade and he gained experience working with several building firms. But it was in the roofing sector where he really started to shine and he secured his first qualified roofing role with SDD Roofing. It was during his time working with this firm that he started to establish many important relationships throughout the local construction community. Always keen to help run and manage the firms communications and administration as well as being on the roof top, he established himself as being a key member of that team.

Starting a Roofing Business

However, being naturally entrepreneurial, isn’t wasn’t too long before Harry Maguire started to think about setting up his own company. In late 1999 he started Maguire Roofing Corporation and this was the start of a successful journey into the world of local business.

When he started the company his goal as to create a sound and comfortable working environment for his staff. Although in his previous role working for a larger corporation, he found a career he enjoyed, he saw ways in which he could really improve the status quo.

New workplace ideology

He speaks of his early ideology and business beginnings with a philosophical view

“In the beginning it was just me and a couple of colleagues I’d persuaded away from the roofing contractor we were working for at the time. I offered them better rates of pay and more flexible working hours and that seemed to do the trick. We were up and running and getting our first few customers.”

“Local press always ask me what is the secret to running a successful company. I just tell them that roofer’s in Birmingham just want what any tradesman wants – and that is an understanding boss who has experience as a roofer and knows how the job should be done correctly”

“All too often these day, roofers are working for corporations that don’t understand the day to day grind of being up on a roof in all weathers trying to do a quality roofing installation”

Becoming an Authority in Roofing

After a few years the name of the company was changed to Birmingham Roofers as Harry wanted a connection to the great city he grew up in. It was whilst developing this new brand that Harry Maguire started his roof blog. In the new world of the internet and information at your fingertips Harry quickly saw an opportunity in providing a quality resource in the industry and started creating articles about roofing

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Harry can be contacted through his social media channels, please feel free to visit and post your questions

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