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All Aspects of Roofing Services Provided by Birmingham Roofers (Roofcare Roofing Solutions)

All Roofing Types


Gutters, Fascias

Birmingham Roofers

Are You Searching For Reliable and Competent “Roofers near me?”

Birmingham Roofers , a first class roofing service, if you would like to overhaul the entire roof or need a simple repair, or perhaps are you seeking other roofing-related services – Chiminey repair, gutter installation, flat roofing expertise, new reroof installation maybe?

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Truth is that even the best houses and buildings will need some attention at some point. The gutter may come off or get misaligned, some tiles may fall off, or you may want to give your home a new look. You may also want to replace the aging roof with a modern one, install a modern type to increase the property’s value, or a storm may have caused great damage to the roof.

At Birmingham Roofers we pride ourselves on being one of the leading roofers in the West Midlands. For many years, we have offered a wide range of roofing services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our firm boasts of an able and dedicated team of contractors who leave nothing to chance when it comes to roofer services. To ensure you get nothing but the very best service, we invest in the latest technologies and skilled professionals. We also enroll in certification courses/programs that keep our company abreast with the latest standards.


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Roofing Contractor Birmingham

We are always updating this website so please come back and check the latest roofing news and articles. We have a expert here at Birmingham roofers that is always sharing knowledge. We have many companies around the UK who are using our blog feed as a resource for information. It has even been used for a university study.

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Roof Repair in Birmingham

Our company is well known for its top notch roof repair service. This entails replacing broken, cracked or warped tiles or slates, replacing rotten timber or ceiling boards, applying sealing and waterproofing, installing new bituminous felt, battens, or Underlayment and much more.

The first step is usually confirming the degree of damage, then understanding what caused it, and finally coming up with the most feasible and long-lasting solution. We prefer focusing more on the underlying cause rather than dealing with the symptoms.

For example, a sagging section may be caused by weak or damaged battens, a faded abutment or fascias may be due to a leaking roof or worn-out underlayment. Our dedicated contractors rely on hands-on experience and eye for detail to uncover the causes.

Roofing Birmingham

Replacing roofs is one of the core services offered at Birmingham Roofing. We know that a time comes when a new roof is needed. This may be a newly constructed building or when overhauling the entire existing roof.

From research, roofs in the region last for about 2 decades. Sooner or later, you may see some wider gaps or broken shingles, rusty gutters, misaligned chimneys, faded fascias, or paint flaking from certain sections. If the damage is too much, it is better to replace the entire roof rather than trying to repair small sections. We always use the best products that guarantee you of reliability, proper insulation, and long life and will enhance the value of the property.

Our roofing contractors go the extra mile just to make certain your needs and wishes are matched if not surpassed. To learn more about the service or get a free quote call us or simply fill in the form.

Flat Roofing Birmingham

If your home or any other property has a flat roof, you can always talk to us for any kind of repair. We also install new roofs and will be involved right from the word go. Like any other service that we offer, we always begin by understanding your desires, examining the location, and then coming up with the right solution.

Our expert roofers are familiar with different designs, materials and will be able to tell you which design or material is most suited for you. For instance, the color you desire may not match well with the home’s design or appeal, or may not increase the value as you would wish

Pitched Roofing

Since our founding, we have installed and repaired many pitched roofs in the region. This roof type is very popular in the region and is liked for its reliability, long life, good functionality and easy maintenance. To guarantee you of good and durable service, we only use the best products and leading technologies.

Our focus is not just the covering that can be seen but also the hidden components that include insulation, underlay, sheathing, battens, sheathing and more. We ensure that all the related parts are the best to avoid having to redo a job or the roof failing prematurely. And as part of quality assurance, we give a guarantee on our service.

Red tiled roofing works and contracting

Roofing Companies in Birmingham

If your region was affected by a storm recently, you should have your roof checked. While it may look okay from the outside, damage may have occurred internally. Unfortunately, you may realize this when it has worsened.

For instance, the insulation or felt may have been compromised, some battens or wooden planks may have been exposed to water, or the strong winds may have ripped off some sections. Our surveyors are familiar with damage caused by storms and are able to inspect and also undertake storm repairs on any kind of roof whether flat or pitched.

We specialise in helping our clients with insurance claims and can very often get most of our labour and materials cost paid for by the insurers of your home. Britain is notorious for damaging storms which are very often covered under your homes insurance.

Take your chance to have your Free roof inspection to see if your property qualifies.

Gutters, Fascia and Soffits 

As one of the leading roofers in Birmingham, we also undertake repair and installation of fascias, gutters, and soffits. Although these parts may appear basic, their role in roofing can’t be ignored. They enhance the functionality as well as elegance when they start failing, they also put the roof at risk.

A bad soffit may allow water, ice, birds, and other creatures to creep inside the roof, a bad gutter will be unable to redirect the rainwater and this may cause the paint on the wall to start chipping, while a faulty fascia exposes the roof’s inner section to damage. Our competent roofers are able to assess a problem and offer the best solution. If you would like to receive a free quote or make an inquiry, kindly give us a call, send an email, or visit our website. You can also drop by our offices and talk to us.

Chimney Repair Service

Chimney repair is also another service that we offer. Just like the tiles, the chimney is also prone to damage. Some bricks may fall off, the mortar between the bricks may become weak, or the sealant or mortar around its base may allow water to penetrate inside the roof. Other symptoms include a crooked or misaligned chimney, poor flow of smoke, or water finding its way into the fireplace. The nature of damage determines the kind of repair. For instance, a few missing bricks only need replacing, while a crooked chimney may need a complete rebuild. 

Roofer Birmingham

You should not tolerate the leaking, aging or worn-out roofing. You don’t need to struggle when searching for the best roofing contractors in Birmingham. Furthermore, should not settle for “second-best” or average roofing services just because you don’t know a good contractor or what to look out for.

BM Roofers is your OneStop shop for all your roofing needs. For many years, we have offered top-notch services to all kinds of customers/ clients including domestic and commercial customers. Our firm is competent in the installation and repair of different roofs including flat and pitched, chimneys, gutters, soffits, fascias and also offers storm repairs.

What matters most to us is your satisfaction and this is why we put your interests first. In addition to adopting the most advanced technologies and strictly adhering to the laid down industry standards and regulations, we employ only the best in the field.

To learn more about our company as well as the services we provide, kindly visit our offices to talk to a representative or visit our website. You can also give us a call or send an email and we will try our best to respond to it soonest possible. All our services and contacts are listed on our website where you also have the opportunity to ask for a free quote with no obligation for service. Don’t settle for the average service, contact us today and get the best value for your money.